Proximity – Journey to Kashmir

During my first module for my MA course at Teesside University we were put into groups with students from design and given the title 'Proximity' to work with. As a group we were tasked with going on a round trip journey to a shop near by. The idea was to get us out of the classroom and explore different ways of recording inspirations from which to work with. I took a number of photos along the way, I decided to try and bring the photos together to create an overall impression of what I had seen along the way. The contrast between the cold grey streets and the bright and vibrant colours in the shop. I did this in two different ways - one was to create HDR's from different photos, and the other was to take a slice from each of the 90 photos I had took and combine them into one image, which I then multiplied and rotated into a circle shape. This was then animated so the circle rotated 360 degrees in the time it took for the journey. I also created an abstract painting based on the school children playing in the playground of the school that we passed. Their red jumpers a blur as the ran around in front of a grey backdrop.