Creation Through Destruction

I believe to create you must first destroy. Whether that is physically or digitally, through disruption or defragmentation, or via the re-imagination of memory and reality; my work always begins from a viewpoint of disrupting the norm to allow me to develop something new.

I am a multimedia artist, using both traditional and digital processes to produce my art, and where ever possible looking at ways to combine the two into something new. I like to be able to use a variety of medium to allow me to realise my ideas, choosing the method that best works for each piece. Painting, video work, sculpture, light and sound all play a major role in the work I am currently producing.

I am interested in how we interpret not only art, but also the world around us as a whole. I want my work to interact with the viewer, and for the observer, in turn, to react back to it. To question their preconceptions and in many cases question what is the art, and what is merely a vessel from which the artwork is created. What initially draws the viewer towards my art is often just misdirection, a means to end. It is only through exploring the work and the alternatives that it produces, that the audience can fully see the work being created and allow them the opportunity to have a direct impact on their own experiences when viewing it.

I am fascinated in the accidental and in allowing coincidence to play apart in my creations. The unexpected reflection, the light cast across the room, the way in which the artwork interacts within the space in which it occupies. These things allow me the opportunity to produce site-specific work that is not specific to that sight, but rather uses the architecture of the space between the art and the viewer to produce new moments and connections.

Found objects often play a major role within my work. Finding the beauty in discarded items, and giving past treasures a new life is both a challenge and an opportunity. I am fascinated in the history of the objects that I create with and creating new histories for them in the process. This allows me the ability to question the items authenticity and shed new light on their potential for making art.

My experimental nature is constantly pushing me to new ideas, new concepts and new ways of thinking. This allows me to be constantly developing and evolving as an artist, allowing me to interpret my world with new and exciting methods. I am always on the look out for inspiration from my surroundings. If I’m not making art then I am thinking about what I could be making the next time I visit my studio. Art has always been the consistent in my life, from learning to teaching, exhibiting to curating; it is always present in one form or another.

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear.” John Cage

Arts Practice

Director, Curator and exhibited – Nov 2018 to Present.

Pineapple Black Contemporary Arts Space

Exhibition – Feb 2018
Fragments, Durham – Three week contemporary art exhibition.

Exhibition – Feb 2018
EVE, Sheffield – Experimental video art exhibition.

Exhibition/Performance – May 2017 ‘Lost Boys’
House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough. group exhibition with KA Bird and Gemma Tierney as part of the ‘Middlesbrough Art Weekender’
Performed at FEED 5

Exhibition/Performance – September 2016 ‘Delicious Edge”
Teesside University, Middlesbrough. MA Fine Art – End of year show.

Exhibition – August 2016 ‘B.Y.O.B (Bring your own beamer)’
The Auxiliary, Stockton.

Performance – May 2016
The Auxiliary, Stockton. Opening night of the new venue and first FEED gig.

Exhibition – February 2016 ‘Malfunctioning Authenticities’
Hill St, Middlesbrough. Curated group exhibition in empty shopping unit.

Exhibition – September 2015 ‘A Version of Events’
Teesside University, Middlesbrough. MA Fine Art – End of year show.

Exhibition – August 2015 ‘Loitering’
Constantine Gallery, Middlesbrough. Joint exhibition with other students from MA Fine Art, Teesside.

Exhibition – July 2015 ‘TASTE’
Constantine Gallery, Middlesbrough. Joint exhibition with other students from MA Fine Art, Teesside.

Exhibition – June 2015 ‘Common Bodies’
East St Arts, Leeds. Video piece chosen to be part of an exhibition curated by Tom McGinn.

Exhibition – Jan to Feb 2015
Spennymoor Art Gallery, Middlesbrough. Curated exhibition and showed worked alongside fellow NEUA artists.

Exhibition – Oct 2014
House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough. Solo exhibition.

Exhibition – August 2014
House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough. My work chosen to be exhibited in the Library Section of the gallery.

Exhibition – Sept to Nov 2013
Hartlepool Art Gallery, Hartlepool. My work was exhibited as part of the ‘In from the outside’ exhibition. I produced three large installations as well as a number of artworks. The work was exhibited alongside a number of Urban artists including Banksy, Invader and Logan Hicks.

Mural – Aug 2013
Middlesbrough Football Club designed and painted the inside and outside of the stadium’s new ‘Family Zone’ – work featured on Sky Sports.

Event – June 1st to 2nd – Looka Teesside
Organised and ran a two day event in Stockton as part of the Festival of the North East to celebrate Teesside’s creativity. The event had pop-up art galleries, workshops, and over 70 local bands playing across three venues.

Exhibition – February 2013
Cafe Infinity, Stockton. Solo exhibition.

Exhibition – Oct to Dec 2012
Sassari’s, Middlesbrough. NEUA exhibition.

Mural – July 2012
Saltburn. Painted the 60ft x 14ft wall along the seafront for the Italian Job Event.

Exhibition – Nov 2011 to Feb 2012
Arts Bank Gallery. Solo exhibition.

Work has been featured in both Living North and GQ magazines.

Regular graffiti workshops in schools and youth clubs.

Weekly arts therapy workshop at Holme House Prison, Stockton – 2014 to 2015

Murals in offices, bars, nightclubs and children’s rooms.